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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
Well his points pace is now below last year's is Torws to be fair...for awhile this season both were running well ahead of last year's pace...but our case of the blahs over the last dozen or so games has put both behind their scoring pace of last year...of course this uear the grind of am 82 hame season may be taling its toll.. But consodering other stars of other teams are in some cases ahead of their pace last year...I thinl weust reject this as am excuse for not improving. Plateaued slteady?
Or id there another excuse that co-relates better as a reason gor falling off last year's scoring pace? Hmnn...anyone got the time to amalyze the effect of the Versteeg trade acquisition?
1. What were T and L's scoring pace before and since Verzteeg arrived? Also how has Versteeg impacted posotively or negatively on the Hawks points for stamdongs pace. ..that is standings points gained befoe vs. After he arrived on a per game.pace for that stat? If we find a correlation of negative effect on the scoring paces of T amd K and negative impact on the pace of the Hawks aquiring standings points..then Stan needs to be ripped on this braonstorm he had to get Versteeg back.
Not sure why you want to scapegoat Versteeg so badly as I'd say Kris Versteeg at 3rd line right wing is a lot better choice than Sheldon Brookbank. And while he's played with Kane a bit, why would you think he'd have affected Toews to cause his points to go down?


Kris Versteeg's first game with the Blackhawks was Nov. 16. The Hawks were 13-2-4 before he joined. The Hawks have been 19-7-8 since he joined. A little bit worse record but not much and not really Versteeg-caused.

As for Kane and Toews producing pre-Versteeg and post-Versteeg...

Kane got 19 points in the 19 games before Versteeg joined the team (1.00 ppg). Kane has 40 points in the 34 games since Versteeg joined the team (1.18 ppg) So even with his recent swoon he is still more offensively productive since Versteeg.

Toews got 18 points in the 19 games before Versteeg joined the team (.95 ppg). Toews has 31 points in the 34 games since Versteeg joined the team (.91 ppg). I suppose that's all Versteeg's fault.

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