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02-01-2007, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by AnthonyF27 View Post
The Garden has been pretty lame all year. Although a 10-11-3 home record is nothing to cheer about. It's bad when you know going into a home game that there is a greater than 50% chance the team is going to lose. A team that can't win at home will never go anywhere.

In terms of people sticking up for each other and stuff, that went out the window years ago. This is no longer the days of the blue seats where the Garden was an intimidating place to play/watch a game if you weren't a Ranger player/fan.
I disagree. I think that it still exists, but just not on a NIGHTLY basis-every game. The reason is simple..$$$$$. Prices have gotten so high now that alot of season ticket holders pick say, 15 games, to go to. The rest they sell to recoup the $$$. The Playoffs, last season vs the Devils, was like the old Garden. Thats where the full season tickets holders go to EVERY GAME obviously. There were MAYBE 20 Devil fans in the entire building at the first playoff game at Garden last season. And there was a huge EGDE in the crowd, too. I have also seen that this season as certain games, but again, people dont go to every game like they did cause of the $$$$. There is Stubhub, ebay, ticket brokers, etc, now.

The garden still has its edge, though. As far as last night, I didnt see many leafs fans where we were. The one I did see, tired to get up and cheer after a goal and was shouted down by the ranger fans in the section. So, I still saw that atmosphere.

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