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01-30-2004, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Trottier
Not sure what you mean by "gets you Parrish plus". You mean in a deal? Or that he is a superior player to Parrish? They're two different players.

Talent wise, Zubrus is the superior talent. But, as you know, acquiring "superior talent" isn't necessarily the answer to success. (Ask NYR.)

And Kvashinator, who proposed this deal, suggested that NYI gets a "bigger forward". Size-wise, true, but I question whether you gain anything in the physical department.

Point is, Parrish fits in well on NYI (though he may be expendable at some point, given the emergence of Hunter). Don't think it's as simple as kicking him out and slotting Zubrus in.
I should've expanded on my comments but i meant:

Zubrus' market value in the nhl will yield a higher return than simply Parrish. From the Isles it would yield Parrish plus -------- [fill in the blank; could be a prospect a pick etc.]. I say that because I think it's true. Despite your points about Parrish's value to the Isles, which I happen to think are fairly valid, the "fact" (not literally) is that Parrish would not get you Zubrus.

My point: Parrish's value to the Isles does not mean anything to the Caps. They would want the best return for him. Judging by their recent acquisition of a player who is very similar to Parrish in many production and style ways (Anson Carter), I don't think Parri is what they'd want. Parrish plus Niinimaa (if they're interested in a puck moving defensemen, something their beat writer said the other day on 1050) for Zubrus and Witt. Parrish plus Colliton for Zubrus and a 4th rounder.

If the Isles were to move Parri (and, here comes a run-on, I hope they don't because he's a young veteran with goal scoring experience who pays the price in front of the net and would score more if people took more low hard shots) in a package, I think they want someone like Zubrus, Sturm, (quality lefty) in a package coming back. Just my opinion.

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