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01-30-2004, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by slats432
Your blatant blinded backing of MacT has you overlooking some issues. Clueless?

If you in any way shape or form say that Horcoff, Pisani and Smyth should be our second line powerplay then I am going to put you on ignore .

Consistency...13 games. Since 1999. You tell me when is he going to get the opportunity to show that consistency on the ice in the big leagues.
There is this little developmental league called the AHL. Now, I don't know about you, but if you can't bring the same game consistantly to games at the AHL level, how is going to magically occur at the NHL level? At least

Better than Cleary, Pisani, Chimera, Green, and Swanson at camp last year. As good as most of the usual suspects at camp this year. But Rita doesn't get a shot. Can you honestly say that this team has been so good that trying Rita for 20-30 games would have hurt it?
Better in camp when? The first 5 days during the team scrimmages? Sorry, those don't count. Do you remember how later on when the exhibition games against real NHL teams came along, Rita became less and less of a factor? Trying for Rita for 20-30 game may not have hurt the team, but it could have stunted Rita's development. There is no question that when he plays his game, he is an NHL player. But when he doesn't, he isn't even a decent AHL player. What if you bring him up and he is in one of his 5+ game funks? Then what? All you've done is ruined his confidence.

Could you also say that this move and scratching a few guys in the middle of the slump 20 games ago might have us in a better position now?
No, it wouldn't. Why? Because during that time, Rita was just finding his game. He was struggling early on (when he was passed over for the first set of callups), and when the Oilers were struggling, Rita was just starting to show some life. Then he ended up getting hurt. The Oilers lost their chance to bring Rita up, and it was through no fault of theirs. Rita finally earned his callup, then got hurt, came back for a couple more good games, then went into a funk.

Rita has been getting jacked in my opinion.(And it ain't just MacT I am looking at, K-Lowe should have some influence here too.) But if someone is a big MacT backer like you are dawgbone, they are going to try to defend his moves. In this case, I don't think it is warranted.
Jacked how? This has nothing to do with Mac-T and everything to do with Rita. 31 points in 40 games. That is what he has done at the AHL level. Not too bad, until you figure that he was shutout in 20 games. He doesn't have the consistency yet to make a solid impact on an NHL club. I have seen Rita play in 90+ games. I have also watched guys like Chimera, Pisani, Horcoff... let me tell you this, I was more convinced that they were NHL players when they were in the AHL than I am about Rita.

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