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01-30-2004, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by goldenchild
As far as consistancy how many 21 or 22 year olds play consistantly every shift every night? what a joke. And On a team with a serious lack of any type of offensive talent to hold that against a kid who has played a handful of games in the NHL, in limited time in a limited role. As far as the AHL it is not unprecedented that guys lose gtheir focus when their down there look at a guy like Semenov., even more in a case like Rita's where the org consistantly passes you up for less talented pluggers.

You said you would rather take a guy like Pissani because you know what you are going to get? What exactly is that 4G's? That's some security.
At 22 Jason Chimera was very consisten at the AHL level. Every night he brought the same game, which was a combination of physical play and speed. While he didn't necessarily score every night, he at least made contributions in other ways. When Rita is off, he is off.

Did you watch Semenov in the AHL? I doubt it very much. He had struggles early on, but turned his game around and played very well, which is why he got called up. It's one thing to lose your focus at the AHL level when you have nothing more to learn there, and when you are unchallenged, but that isn't the case for Rita.

Rita isn't going to be an offensive saviour guys... some of you need that drilled into your skulls. At the top of his game, Rita is ethan moreau with significantly better hands. This isn't Hemsky where you will live with inconsistencies because of the fact that he can change a game with one move.

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