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02-01-2007, 10:01 AM
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Rob Kerr and Peter Maher continue to talk about the Flames landing a "big fish." They both seem to think that Sutter is after something bigger than Conroy, so I looked at who that someone might be... I came up with three names that seem to fit the bill... It doesn't seem that we need centermen since we have Langkow, Conroy, Lombardi and Yelle... we definetly don't need defense or goaltending... so, that leaves us with wingers.

There are a few guys that will be UFAs this summer, and who play for non-contenders, who would be a considerably larger move than Conroy was, and those include the three mentioned in the title as well as Nagy and Bertuzzi... however, I have discluded those two guys because Bertuzzi would almost certainly not want to come here since he left Vancouver because it was too much of a hockey hotbed, and Calgary is no different... and Nagy is probably a little too soft for the Flames style (of course, Huselius was too, and he's learned to play pretty well under our system, but it took him about a year to figure it out, and we don't have a year for a rental player to figure it out)

Also, while I realize that Toronto is definetly still in playoff contention, I decided to include Tucker's name because he has been rumoured to be available... another team that is on the fringe of the playoffs right now, but could drop out of contention is the Islanders, who have Jason Blake... he would probably also fit into this category, but I didn't include him because I haven't heard any rumours about him, and the Isles are still very much contenders.

Edit: also, some of the fringe players that may be considered big fish by some include: Calder, Bondra, Carter, Modin, Tkachuk, Zubrus, Nolan, Sturm... I would think that the Flames might be interested in any of those players except Tkachuk, Zubrus and maybe Anson Carter... Nolan and Sturm may be especially enticing to Sutter because of his past experience with them... food for thought.

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