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Hey everyone!

I am Mr. Orange, the developer of PPMe. I found this nice thread of yours, and I see you're having some questions about PPMe, and some really good suggestions. I saw that canucks357 answered most of them already, but I've got some more information for some of them. So I'll try to answer them in this post. I know, it's a humongous one, but bear with me. :-)

Originally Posted by Cory View Post
Hey Canucks, since PPMe is in the final stages of approval, thought you'd want to know this. I just checked today and it deleted all of my saved positions and ratios. I didn't change anything recently. It was working after the changes I made a few days ago. I didn't check it again until today and it's just gone, for both hockey and soccer.
I am afraid that is my fault. In order for me to make sure that on Internet Exploder 11, ahem.., I mean Internet Explorer 11, the order of the ratios was kept, I had to change the way ratios were stored locally. What you're describing was an unfortunate side effect of that change.

Originally Posted by EspOrrsito View Post
Thanks to all those involved in making the PPMe tool, it is very helpful.

Now if only someone could make a tactics tool.
I actually build something like that a few years back. You could specify some tactics and it would calculate the best tactic based on your players. Where a better tactic was the one where the sum of all the players OR was the highest. I don't think I have that code available anymore, but maybe I'll revisit that again. It would be quite a challenge to code that efficiently in JavaScript.

Originally Posted by Emerald76 View Post
BTW, great work from you and Mr. Orange on the extension - really like the look of it.

Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
  • Are there plans to allow ratios to vary by player?
    • For example: If I have a defenseman with a high shot quality and want to train him at a different ratio than my other defensemen, I'd like his EQ to use a different formula.
    • For the market section, the default by position would be acceptable.
    • A dynamic formula which varies by player based on each player's qualities would fall in the "exceeds expectations" category (i.e. train shooting at 0.5 if shooting Q > 50, but less than 75; train shooting at 0.6 if shooting Q > 75; else train shooting at 0.0)
Originally Posted by Emerald76 View Post
But as has already been mentioned by Obryantj, are there plans to allow differences regarding training ratios?
Hm.., that would mean that I would have to store player specific ratios. I see two ways on doing that:
  1. I can gather the player's training ratio from the players-practice page.
    I am parsing that page already for their quality, I think I can easily gather their ratios there as well. One downside, that is only a pro pack feature right?
  2. I could allow you to set player specific ratios.
    I guess I could insert some html on the player page to allow you to do this in a similar fashion like the training ratio. I only have no idea on how to display this nicely in a table to you. I mean, the ratios would no longer be named, and since every player would have it's own ratio, there are no different EORs per position. Just the one for the ratio you set.

The first one would be easiest to implement. The second would require some major coding, and not to mention, should there still be different ratios for your own players then, or only for the market page?

Originally Posted by suprvilce View Post
I did allow addon to send the data about SA/pulls.

I have a question though: how do i change the language of PPMe? Is it somewhere in the settings or do i have to download and install a different lang version of PPMe?
You can't actually, everything is in English for now. Like canucks357 said, you can change the ratio names, and abbreviations to your own language. What I did implement is the following:

	"1": "None",
	"2": "Poor",
	"3": "Weak",
	"4": "Good",
	"5": "Excellent",
	"6": "Perfect"
This is what you see when you hover over the players CL, I currently only have the English ones. If you provide me with how they are called in your language, I can insert those as well, but that's about as far as the localization goes in my add on for now.

Originally Posted by Cory View Post
Alright, PPMe reset my ratios AGAIN. Do I need to redownload it? What's going on? I tried doing a reset, but obviously that doesn't solve the problem.

EDIT: Oddly, this time it only reset my hockey ratios. Soccer are untouched.
On this we agree completely, .
Originally Posted by Cory View Post
That's what I said though. I did that to fix the last time it reset them and it deleted my hockey ratios the next day.
Damn Cory, you've got some serious bad luck with those ratios.

Only thing I can think off, is that you use something like CCleaner to clean up the cache of your browsers? That could result in the things you're experiencing. Other than that, I have no idea.

Originally Posted by suprvilce View Post
I had something else in mind, i don't mind it being in English, but when using PPMe and clicking on any player link it will open that site in english not my language. For example, when not using PPMe and clicking on one player (or hovering over the player link with mouse):

^^where the green thing is where my mouse is pointing over first player, you can see (circled in red) the link is for my language.

But when using PPMe and doing the same thing:
you can see that the player link is now for english version of PPM.
This is intended actually, because I parse the english pages for player information, thus the player urls also point to the english version. I will have to think about a solution to change this.

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