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01-25-2014, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
I'd do 7 year deals for both guys at those numbers.

Ranger fans tend to take their players for granted and then lament over them when they're gone. Girardi is pretty much impossible to replace. Show me the UFA we sign to take his spot. There isn't one and that's a hole you have to fill.

Callahan is a Ladd type forward that's earned his payday. What more do you want this guy to do for this organization? He's a leader by example, he scores, he kills penalties, he plays a physical game and he's excellent defensively. Who do you replace him with.

Losing either or both guys makes the organization weaker. It's that simple. Stocking up on draft picks and hoping they turn into either of these two guys would be long odds in Vegas.

This is a pretty young group. I buyout Richards and, at this point, you have to hope something is available on the UFA market. The smart teams (like San Jose, for example) are signing their home-grown guys while you are pining for draft picks that might not even end up as NHL players.
A 7 year contract for Ryan "three injuries a year" Callahan? Jesus christ.

I'd be pissed if he got anything above 4 years.

Comparing this team to San Jose and Callahan/Girardi to Thornton and Marleau? Delusional. Absolutely delusional. Those two can't hold Thornton's jock strap. He's a Hart trophy winner with consistent PPG seasons. That's why he got locked up.

I'm not a Callahan hater by any means but ~50 points where most of them come from the PP isn't that hard to replace. We play half the season without him anyway because he's always ****ing hurt. Not that big of a loss.

"Hope something is available". Well it's awesome that you're not the GM.

So yes, lets tie up 12 mill of our cap into two mediocre players, who will only get worse as they age, anything can happen!

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