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01-25-2014, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
Callahan and Girardi are "mediocre" players and I'm the one that's "delusional"? LOL. It's awesome you're "not the GM".

Have Thornton and Marleau won anything? Callahan made team U.S.A while Thornton will be golfing during the Olympic break.

If you think Callahan is just some dude that scores some points on the PP, then you're clearly missing what he brings to a team - and it's something (heart) that your boy Thornton there was criticized for not having enough of for many years - especially during the playoffs. A moniker he's shaken recently.

If Thornton takes a discount at, what, 6.75M/yr you don't think Callahan is worth 5M/per? Of course he is.

If Callahan brings back a guy like Ladd, sure. If Callahan brings back a mid-1st round draft pick and some grade b prospect? **** that. It's a terrible move for this franchise.
I'm sorry, I don't care if he has the leadership of Herb Brooks, no ****ing intangibles are worth 6 million dollars a year, for the lack of offense he brings.

6 million dollars should be for near PPG players, Callahan will never be close to that, and I love the guy.

You're missing the point, it's not that Callahan or Girardi are bad players. It's that on a team, absolutely loaded with long and expensive contracts, we CAN'T give Girardi and Callahan contracts that you reserve for star players. If they were resigned, this team still has the same needs. A #1 center, OFD men, and another top 6 LW. When that much of the cap is taken up by players you are overpaid, you're setting yourself up for long term failure.

In what dimension of the hockey universe is Callahan worth 6 million anyway? Or Girardi, who literally can't function at a high level without a good partner, worth 6 million either? Sounds like you're overpaying to keep players you like. You save overpayments for players that can't be replaced. 50 point RW'ers and complimentary RHD can be replaced, it's not the impossible task you make it out to be.

Thornton and Marleau might not have won anything, but San Jose is a hell of a lot closer to a Stanley cup than this team is, and Thornton is irreplaceable, even at his age. Marleau isn't of the same caliber but he can still be relied on for 55-70 points a year. Bringing up them not being on their olympic teams is totally irrelevant.

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