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01-25-2014, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
30 teams in the NHL. 1 Stanley Cup winner/year = 96.57% of teams fail to win the cup every year.

How many teams have made it to the playoffs as much as the Rangers have since the lockout? Only one has done it more (Detroit), iirc.

64 playoff games the last 7 years. One year they didn't make the playoffs in the stretch = 6 years in and average of 10+ games played per year (avg. exit = 2nd round).

Do I want more/better teams and a team with a better chance of winning the cup? Hell, yes. But to paint this franchise as dismal or unsuccessful simply isn't true by most measures.

I think signing Lundqvist and trading an impending RFA who's arbitration eligible (and likely very unhappy with the organization) for a guy who's locked up for 4+ years with a reasonable contract IS long range vision.
I must respectfully disagree. Lundqvist,who in my opinion, is the best goalie in the league, will never win a Cup in N.Y. Trading him would have brought some nice young core pieces. Klein is on the downside of his career. Build young from goal to defense to center then the wings. It can be done with patience and vision. I have no use for "one and Done" in the playoffs which appears to be Sather's gameplan.

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