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Originally Posted by Habsrule View Post
Please do not combine this with the Trade Proposal thread at least for a day or two.

If you were the GM of the Habs what direction would you head in going into the trade deadline.

Their are lots of upcoming UFAs in:
Gionta, Parros, Markov, Bouillion, Murray and Diaz.

Smaller forwards in:
Gionta, Briere and Desharnais.

Plus Bourque who looks to be on his way out of town as well.

What would you look to do?

-Would you look to trade those upcoming UFAs away for picks/prospects to make sure that we get something for them before they walk away?
-Would you try to add size and toughness to the team?
-Would you trade anyone else not listed?
-Would you look to trade picks/prospects and make a run for it now?
-Fire the coach?
-Other ideas?

Keep in mind that there are only 30 games left in the season and we are only six points away from tops in the division. Plus we have a three point cushion from the top team not in the playoffs. So technically we are right in the thick of things.

What would you do?
Add Gallagher to the group of small players.

But the answer per se :

First, establish who's back next year and who's not. That question might have some of its answers in the current FA negociations (we can only speculate about this). If a player isn't back, hopefully must be gone by deadline.

Second, hopefully, they establish that Gionta isn't back.

Third : Shop Markov. Regardless of where we are in the standings. Accept the right offer. Only the right offer.

Fourth : Try to find takers for Briere

Fifth : I'm ambivalent regarding DD. Regardless of what we think, his production would be somewhat hard to replace, and if we intend to go with the scoring by committee route (which, according to me, we don't have much choice), I can't see anyone replacing his production (well, technically, Galchenyuk would, but then we'd have to replace Galchy's production... sortof). Same applies to a lesser extent with Eller. But just .. politely suggest to whoever coaches the team to try him at wing. THIS SAID, if a decent offer comes for him, well, accept it.

Sixth : I mentionned Gallagher... he's a guy a team like the Oilers (random example) could be interested in. Too bad their interesting young D's are all lefties. Sure, I wanna keep Gallagher, but if the offer is good...

Seventh : Bouillon, Murray --> Again, if there are offers...

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