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01-30-2004, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by punchy1
This is starting to be a real pissing contest now. Andy ISN'T playing Avery and to the best of our combined knowledge he isn't injured either. Avery simply is the better player than Sim and Charty. I like both of them lads and they are solid too but, I have to doubt that Avery would have muffed that wide open net and he also has proven his ability to crawl right under the skin of Floppa and others. Avery has earned his right to play. Like Frolov last season, Avery is being passed over in favour of lesser talented players by Andy and again, it is to our deteriment.

Andy's system is straiff pisser and on the kip, and he is also the salt of the earth and I don't doubt is giving his true heart and soul to us and our team. My single trouble with him is the same now as it has been since he started with us and that is his player personell choices. We are *FINALLY* seeing a couple of lines get the chance to learn each other and play together (up front anyways) and that is something Andy seem loath to do. We *were* seeing it on the back end but then Andy, had to pull Avery for Sim and others and it just goes on and on.

I love Andy and all but, why is it so hard for him to see that the more time these lads get to spend playing together the better they become and that just because someone is a little older and has a few more games of experience it don't make them better.

Avery is allot of things but one thing you can't knock him on is his fire and passion and his ability to get on another player. Charty and Sim both play with their hearts and are great to have, Avery is simply better, when given half a chance anyways.

Oh, and to answer in advance those of us who will say he makes poor choices at times I can only say that he is young, and will *never* break them habbits if he isn't on the ice. Now, he has sat a couple of games and will be a bit rusty so if and when he does come back, will more than likely make a mistake or two and make Andy look right smart on the call when the truth is that he, Avery, should with exception to his injury, should always being given some ice time in order to become the great player we have gotten glimpses of.
2 things Punchy
No one knows if Avery is hurt. There has been very little in the paper about it. And the worst thing they can do is announce Avery has a knee sprain so the other team targets him.
We have been having success w/o him in the lineup. I agree with AM to reward the guys that got you the win or salavaged a tie against the Lanche with icetime.