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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
There's a big volume dip once you jump from 6.0 to 5.5, so be careful.
I think I'm running into that problem myself.
Used the CCM Board, right foot was a 5.5, left was a lil smaller- medium arch.

I tried on Vapors in a size 6, ankle felt horrible, so the guy came out with a 5.5(Junior) RBZ70, and the ankle fit was miles better(and can just brush the toe box end)....BUT, right where the toe box meets the skate, there is some stitching on the right side that I can feel with the outside of my right foot(just below/under my little toe-can't feel it at all on my left skate).
My feet are not wide at all.
I also have to tie them relatively loose until I get near the ankle, as they feel like they squeeze my foot a bit too much if I don't.
After skating for awhile I don't really notice the tightness/right edge thing, but it's there.....I have had the skates for 3 weeks today, and skated on them around 6 times.
I'm seriously considering bringing these back while I'm in my 30 return period at Pure Hockey, and trying on some Supremes or something else(maybe even a 6 in these skates- which will cost me $50- going to a Senior skate- and I can just brush the toe cap with the 5.5).
They baked nicely, they wrapped right around my heel, and have zero issues with that part of the skate.

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