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01-25-2014, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Raspewtin View Post
Sorry it's true. Thornton blows Callahan out of the water, in every way. To say he doesn't is being way too much of a homer.
I haven't said otherwise. I think they bring different things to the team and the "jockstrap" thing just is downright disrespectful. But I'll drop it.

Originally Posted by Raspewtin View Post
Cap space is a problem though. Too many tong term contracts. Hank @ 8.5, Nash @ 7.8, and now Girardi and Callahan for 7 years each at 6 and 5 mill? You see the problem here? These are the salaries you pay for players that carry your team. Only Henrik has ever carried this team out of those players, and I'd argue that he's overpaid. You reserve these high end salaries for superstars that make their teammates better, and give your team a chance to win every night. That's not how I'd describe Callahan or Girardi.
Nash at 7.8 bothers me more than Callahan at 5 or Girardi at 6. Was Nash even at any of last year's playoff games? He said he thought he played well. What? I hope he proves me wrong in the future.

Originally Posted by Raspewtin View Post
Did you watch the Boston series last year? What happens when Girardi is separated from McD or Staal? It becomes a nightmare. Girardi can't function on his own. That doesn't make him a bad defenseman, however. And that's why teams want him.
Yeah, I did. Way too much pressure on our D and too much time spent in our zone. Any D would've cracked under that pressure and we were playing two guys that had one arm.

Originally Posted by Raspewtin View Post
Where are we getting the money to fill holes we need when we sign all these slightly above average players to ridiculous contracts? You're looking at this too short term.
I'm actually looking at this long term with an escalating cap.

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