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02-01-2007, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by clmetsfan View Post
Nobody's complaining about Shanahan because all he cost was money. If their roles were reversed and we signed Federov in the offseason (had he been a FA) and could acquire Shanahan at midseason, I'm sure we'd all be taking the same stance: don't trade youth for vets in their late-30s when the team needs a whole lot more to contend.

Prucha just had a three point game and has been getting some unlucky breaks all season. And while he's not big, he gets more out of his size than just about anyone in the league. And Callahan is promising, but Prucha also already has a 30-goal year under his belt, and you can't expect Callahan to provide that right away.

If you trade for Federov then you're going for it all right now. And if you're going for it all right now then you don't trade one of your biggest scoring threats.
Prucha has been invisible all year. He seems to play well with chechs like Rucinsky but not with North Americans. If we want to get Prucha going then maybe we should aquire a Chech or a Slovak center. However, for the most part this season Prucha hasn't been scoring. This might be also because Prucha doesn't get first line power play time either. Not all youth for Older players is bad. A long long time ago Rangers made a trade Ulf Dalhen for Mike Gartner and it turned out well for both teams. Gartner althought old at that time really helped the Rangers. He scored a lot for them. I know people don't want old palyers but we need to make the playoffs and the biggest reason we won't is because right now we don't have the chemistry on this team. We been juggling liens all season. I think Federov would solidify the second line spot. Give us a second line threat with Shanahan. I am not the GM but because the players played together they should produce. They were great in Detroit. In fact it's when Federov left Detroit is when he just hasn't been the same and that's because he didn't have the players like in Detroit. Like Shanahan.

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