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01-25-2014, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
All those come from behind wins and points have not excited you?!

I know what you mean though... frustration and anger cancel out the excitement at times.

I think they are enjoyable to watch when they are on the rush (forwards not D men) and in the Ozone... our forwards really are very creative and a pleasure to watch compared to most teams in the league. The problem is that recently the team is spending far too much time stick in its own zone for them to show their skill.

I don't think blowing it up would do anything but prolong the meandering in mediocrity. (depending on what you mean by blow it up.)

Skill and value wise our forwards are among the best (top ten) in the league to be frank. And the D weakness is not going to have a magic pill to cure it overnight... if they managed to get a #1 the team would be in just as bad/worse shape either instantly or 3-5 years down the line due to what they would have to give up.

If there were 'big changes' the guys I would want to try and keep would be:




Those 7 forwards are pretty damn good and collectively good value for what they are, even once G's new contract starts. (~25.5 million for 7/9 top 9 players next year.... ~3.66M average hit.... a roster average is ~3-3.2 when no.7s, 4th liners, elcs are included.)

The D is crap... Kimmo will likely be gone... they need at least 1 good top 3 dman next year.
The first dozen or so games of the season got people totally disinterested because there was almost zero goal scoring and it was just hard to watch. Lately this team is hard to watch because they just suck at everything besides goal scoring (mostly D, but the goaltending has been average and some of the forwards are doing not well either). It's a differently scented kind of suck.

Anyhow, the D needs to be totally revamped going into the future especially with Timonen pretty much done after this season. I'd also like a safety net behind Mason personally.

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