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01-25-2014, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by BiggestLeafsFanEVER View Post
firstly, i posted a while ago on your board asking you regarding the MSG renovations - thank you for that. i'm probably going to NYC during march break and seeing a couple of rangers games (prob versus wings, then wild) - the response you gave caused my dad to get better seats than i think he would have without your info - so i'm appreciative.

when i come to nyc my cousin is probably coming with us. i've been to nyc a gagillion times but my cousin hasn't. can any of you give me ideas of where to take him for "views of new york". the "view of new york" thing isn't as flaky as it sounds. me and my cousin are both in high school and for his high school photography course he wants to take photos of nyc from a "high level" if you want it put it that way. personally i dont mind going wherever. for me, i immediately thought of top of the rock and empire state building, because i've been to both so many times. other than that, does anyone have suggestions of where we can go so he can take cool pictures of the city.

i think we're staying at the marriott marquis at times square. i'm fine taking the subway in nyc but while i don't mind figuring out a subway map i also don't want to go too far out there and end up getting lost.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance!
Not sure how old you are but the bar at the top of the Standard has a great view

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