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01-25-2014, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
You really believe that DZ was moved because the fan base was intolerant of his play? What is Sathers history has indicated that would be a factor in his decisions? He never traded Poti or Malik, who faced far more ire than DZ ever has. He only traded Roszival when it was clear he had lost his spot on the roster. He still hasn't dealt Boyle and won't unless it's a purely business decision.

Fans have a very exaggerated sense of to what extent they can effect roster changes. The truth is that they can't. Particularly not with this GM. Players don't get run out of town by fans. They do by management.

I don't believe that the fans had anything to do with the decision, but I DO think the decision and the fans' reaction to it is indicative of why this team is and will continue to be mediocre. For all the people who come on here and ***** about Sather, the irony is that he is running this team in EXACTLY the same way this board would run the team. No patience. No plan. Too much "what have you done for me lately" and not enough "where can we be in two years time." Too much obsession with big names and shiny new toys, and not enough focus on production (particularly when it really matters).

So yeah, I agree with you that the fans had nothing to do with MDZ's departure. The fact that he was moved, particularly in light of the return, just reinforces something that has been obvious for years around here. This board loves to hate on Sather, when the reality is that Sather runs this team EXACTLY like ~80% of you would.

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