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01-25-2014, 02:01 PM
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Our needs are still at goalie because none of the kids we have on the system in goal is ever honna be a starting nhl goalie let alone an elite one...I know..don 't wast a first rpunder om a goalie...too much risk of a bust..but the problem is that we usually pick so late in rounf two that other teams usually pick off some good goalie cabdidayes before our dlot comes up..Maybe we ought to trade down into the 40's to grab one of these then get an extra 2nd rounder for the 2015 draft for trading down..that draft is both better at the top end and deeper thtough several ronds over the 2014 draft..with 3 picks in yhe first 2 rounds. ..our 1st then 2 seconds..we could perhaps try to trade up into the early partvof round one yo get a really hreat prospect. This strategy of trafing fown this year for better payoff next year while addressong need for a better goalie prospect for the system to start his developmrnt now...since he will be 4 yrs away anyway afterbthe draft is the right thing to do..Tje only exception would be.if Alex Tivj was available atbour pick but I doubt he lasts. ..probably goes 15-21. ...So if we trade down for drafting a goaliebin the 40's...who to take as a goalie pick? You have Boston College's Thatcher Demko and 2 big hoalies.out of the UDNDTP who rate highly.. Not sure about eurogoalie.s this year.I do not thonk the CHL Jr. Goalie is I saw at the top Prospects Game are good enough to merit consideration...Stan's bigistake was taking Hartman as our forst rounder last draft...not because he is a bad pick...far from it..but his ceiling is as just snother nottom sixer as a projected NHLer.. STAN should jave taken a goalie. ..Tristan Jarru...who eent yo PITT in round 2..I thought he was an excrptional goalie prospect who could become an elite NHL starting goalie in a few years..I do not think anyone in this year's hoalie crop has such an elite ceiling as Jarry has. But usual Stan either ober-rates the goalies he has drafted in our system or refuses to draft a goalie first round fue to the longer wait and higher risk on 18 year old goalies..But in conseqience.of his foolishness we.have.meh on drafted goalies in our dome point Stsm must address this by ridking on drafting hoalies.if.not in tound one at.least by trying yo trsde for an earlier round two slot from which to grab potentoslly elite onrs.

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