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Originally Posted by ebn View Post
You might be right about that. But the problem with that is this.
Last year I thought the Rangers would go after Chara because they needed a defensemen. Guess what no Chara. He went to Boston. I bet you Gomez and Drury will go to crappy teams with a lot of cap room and lose a lot with them. That seems to be the way it is now. All the good teams seem to get the lesser players because they don't want to give up the players they already have. When Rangers resign all there players they will never have the cap room anyway.

Also there is now way of knowing how Gomez or Drury will do on your team. Sure they did great on other teams that they played a long time for. But you put them on the Rangers and they don't play good. The problem is chemistry. Who is going to play good with who. That's why I brought up Federov. I am not the GM and you guys are not the GM but there has to be chemistry on your lines and right now except for the Nylander Straka Jagr line as always there is no chemistry. We been changing lines all year. That's why I think Federov with Shanahan would do good for this year and next year because they know each other. They played with each other in Detroit. If I am right then Gomez and Drury won't matter because we have a second line of Federov and Shanahan. Once they are done then we go out and sign someone else in the free agent market. There is always going to be a Gomez or a Drury every year. The point is if Federov has chemistry with Shanahan and our GM thinks so then he will try to get him. If not then he will get someone else like a rental. Then maybe you are right he will go after a Gomez or Drury in the free agent market.

Personally I would give Federov a try. The only reason is I think he would be a very good center with Federov. Like I said a million times they played in Detroit.
However, what do I know I am not a GM or a professional hochey evaluator.
I see where you're coming from, but I think you're overvaluing the chemistry that you think Federov and Shanny will haev together.

I'd much rather sign a younger stud like Drury (who has never played more than 4 years with a team and been successful at all three stops) and bet that he'll be successful than trade for an aging, declining, and expensive former star who we'll be saddled with for a long time because he has chemistry with a guy who might not even be back next year.

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