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01-25-2014, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by raab View Post
It's the quality of shots that matter. If a team takes 50 shots and they're all from the outside with no one screening, a nhl goalie should be able to stop all 50. That's Corsi's main flaw. A better way to do it would be looking at the scoring chances created vs scoring chances against/60 min. That would give you a relative idea of how valuable a guy was to the team.
I like the european method of tracking shots on net with dots on the overhead view of the defensive zone. They track the location of shots, blocked shots and goals.

By the end of the season all of those dots superimposed onto one sheet, like a census dotmap, will paint a pretty good picture of how many shots are coming from the different scoring areas.

If you track the "shot census dotmap" for each defenseman you could see how many were coming from their side when they were on the ice vs shots from the other side.

I think that you could probably write a book about every d man and most of the fwds on the team based on the patterns that emerge on their "s-c-d".

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