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Originally Posted by Iron Duke View Post
I would disagree with that. I think every franchise wants to win a title, and has a championship as their ultimate goal, but to EXPECT to win one? I think most organizations are more realistic than that, even if their fanbases are not.
I think thats the big difference between good franchises year in and year out from an ownership stand point. Look at most of the teams on the top year in and year out, they expect to win championships and if they don't someone is getting out of town. Do they know they aren't always going to win one? Sure, but I bet if you ask Chicago's or Boston's owner if he expects to win another championship in the near future I bet that answer is yes.

Top teams in the league year in and year out expect to get one, coaches that just make the playoffs or just make it to the second round aren't sitting behind the bench long in major markets.

As far as getting a free pass, I see nothing from this ownership group that says they won't get one, as sad as that is imo.

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