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02-01-2007, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by alcoholyca View Post
well i bought my self a pair of skates and went to my first public skate today. I have time between classes to go to pick up hockey at around 1:30 but i dont know if anyone is even gonna be there. If im the only one who is there you guys think they will still let me shoot around and practice?

I actually figured out how to stop on my good side pretty fast. Now i can skate as fast as possible and and stop at the redline almost on a dime.

My weak side i have alot of trouble stopping on. I guess i'm just afraid i'm gonna fall over if i go to fast and try stopping on my weak side.

BTW is stick handling on ice alot different then with roller hockey pucks? Because i like to think of myself as a dangler
I made this transition a few months ago into a beer league and I'm still having trouble now, close to playoffs. Hardest change I've ever had to make. Stick handling is different, puck moves alot faster, weighs more. You're probably going to lose control the first few times you skate fast and stick handle but the feeling comes back.

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