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01-25-2014, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by adsfan View Post
I was going to post, but this is close enough for me. DP and BT should have built a team strong enough to survive. They clearly have not done so. Hutton looked very good in the AHL, but he turned out to be a AAAA player in the NHL.

The Packers didn't have Aaron Rodgers for 7 weeks. Scott Tolzien came off the bench. Next game, the back-up, Seneca Wallace, made all of three downs before he was out for the season! Back to Tolzien. So they brought in Matt Flynn for Injury Game 3 and went 2-4-1 overall. Not good; but good enough to make the playoffs and go out in the first round. Sound familiar? The Packers bottom end equals the Preds top end. That needs to be fixed!
this is a perfect analogy except you got the conclusion absolutely backwards. Rodgers loss turned a really good team into a .500 team. If the packers hadnt been playing in the crappiest division in football which allowed them to make the playoffs with a .500 record, they would have been considered a failure. This preds team was going to be a marginal playoff team at best given how solid our division is. The fact that we have had no Rinne for three months and we are still hanging around the fringe if contention is pretty remarkable

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