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Originally Posted by Mr Positive View Post
Nah, that's not picking on me. It's a fair point.

But what is "playing well"? Under Krueger wingers had little to no accountability. His system was well documented as basically being that wingers could endlessly cherry-pick, and so of course Hall, Eberle, Yakupov, and even Paajarvi would have very good years offensively. That doesn't mean that they were playing well. Their good years came at the expense of other players.

Eakins is at least attempting a whole-team approach. Like I said, I'm not giving Eakins a full endorsement, but I'm just choosing to take an optimistic view about him because I really don't believe his job is in jeopardy.

And just because it is the optimistic view doesn't mean that it is wrong. I do believe this team is playing a lot better now than at the beginning of the season, and I don't need to give the team the benefit of the doubt in order to do so.
Eakins is trying something where every player bar Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle from last season has regressed. The whole-team approach has also yielded far more GA than we did with Krueger's system. So while Krueger let his wingers do what they want, his team overall was defensively better, offensively better and a better overall team. I mean, any metric you use, the majority of the team has regressed under Eakins. Points, GA, defensive responsibility, hell even throw in effort and winning puck battles. We've gotten worse across the board.

Feel free to take any view you'd prefer, but Eakins is the main problem in my opinion. Krueger may or may not have been the answer, but he wouldn't be the unmitigated disaster that is Eakins. Krueger also had to play 48 games against soley teams in the West. Eakins' record against western teams is abysmal. I'd much rather throw away a bad coach than scrap majority of a roster.

Regarding scrapping head coaches, I thought the 'coaching graveyard' thread in the main board had some interesting points. Mainly about which other teams have had some pretty consistent coaching carousels:

Originally Posted by AfroThunder396 View Post
Since Lemaire was first fired in 1998:

Ftorek (98-00)
Robinson (00-02, 06)
Constantine (02)
Burns (03-04)
Lamoriello (06, 07)
Julien (07)
Sutter (08-09)
Lemaire (10, 11)
MacLean (11)
DeBoer (12-present)

16 years. 10 coaches, 13 coaching changes. DeBoer has actually lasted the longest of them all.
Originally Posted by Habsawce View Post

Alain Vignault 1997-2000
Michel Therrien 2000-2003
Claude Julien 2003-2006
Bob Gainey 2006
Guy Carbonneau 2006-2009
Bob Gainey 2009
Jacques Martin 2009-2011
Randy Cunneyworth Interim 2011
Michel Therrien 2012-Current
Ottawa too have fired a few coaches quickly in their time:

Bryan Murray 05-07 (164 games)
Paddock 07-08 (64 games)
Murray 08 (18 games)
Hartsburg 08-09 (48 games)
Clouston 09-11 (198 games)
MacLean 11-present (130 games)

Islanders too:

Shaw 06 (40 games)
Nolan 06-08 (163 games)
Gordon 08-10 (181 games)
Capuano 10-present (195 games)

So it's a lot more common than I expected.

<-- Credit goes to Joel Ward
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