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About Yourself
Name: Ian
Age: 31
Location: Winnipeg, MB
Origin of Screen Name: Favorite team and my jersey number

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 1
Current Team: None
Current League: Not playing
Highest Level Played: E2 Adult Rec
Current Level: Adult rec league
Position: Defenseman/Forward
Type of Player: Strategic Thinking Play Maker
Player You Emulate: PK Subban

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer helmet with cage
Shoulders: Nike Bauer Supreme
Elbows: BauerPro
Shins: Cooper
Gloves: Easton Stealth S11 Blue
Skates: Easton Synergy
Stick: Reebok Multi-Lam 1K Crosby

Hobbies: Hockey, Computer Science, Medieval Dance
Movies: StarTrek First Contact
Music: Haelstorm, Sinatra, anything classical brass
TV: Revolution, Amazing Race, Chicago Fire
Food: Lasagna
Drinks: Margariata, Cloud Berry Liquour
Hockey Team: Jets, Leafs
Hockey Player: PK Subban, Dustin Byfuglien, Evigni Malkin

I am a crazy passionate hockey fan who is trying to make up for never playing. I learnt to skate when I was 23 and ave never looked back. I have read tons of books on hockey and have done lots of adult hockey clinics. i played in my first league last year and got three assists. I have yet to score a goal. My dream is to win the ASHL or CARHA hockey championships.

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