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01-26-2014, 11:09 AM
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I played when I was a kid throughout my teens. I was good but didn't have an incredible compete level. I played, excelled, and had a blast. Played travel briefly though we weren't a major player.

Stopped at age 18 to pursue bodybuilding, and with that developed an insane compete level and drive for success, bettering myself, attacking weaknesses, and so forth. Ten years later I moved to a hockey hotbed and began skating again, changed up my training routines so I could benefit for both sports instead of just one, and have never been better IMO. I'm in my 30s and play against (and better than most) guys who are barely out of high school, on college teams, and so on. I sure as hell didn't just pick up my skates after all that time and fall right into it either, I went out and earned my progress.

I just want to keep playing and having fun doing so. That's it!

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