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01-26-2014, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
It doesn't matter. I'm not in charge of personnel decisions.

How long are you asking me the question for? 1 year? Callahan. 5 years? Miller.

This team is geared for now. Now. Now. Everyone should realize that. We're in it for the now. As much as I hate that there is probably no future planning going on with this club, our window is now.

Meaning we're likely looking at Callahan, Girardi, Boyle, and the likes all returning next season.

The one thing that gives me hope for turnover is that we have a new coach. He'll have a big say in who remains, who doesn't.

He had some serious skill in Vancouver with the Sedin's. On this team, his skill is more evenly distributed, but I'm not so certain he'll have it that way.

There will be turnover, but Sather is in it for the now. So what does that mean? That means if we trade Callahan, IF (big if), we'll trade him for someone veteran.

I'd love Miller on this team, I think he'd be better for us than Poo, but both Sather and AV prefer the vets.

I think we see at most 2 rookies in uniform for us on the defense next year, and at most 2 rookies for us on the offense next year. I personally believe Kristo is going to be ready... in reality I don't think he sniffs the NHL for another year and a half unless it is for another organization. I think Miller will lock a spot for next year, on the 3rd line. Lindberg (MAYBE) on the 4th line, if he really really impresses.

Aside from that, get ready for some more veteran players. AV likes a fast paced game. Girardi doesn't fit that, Cally fits it better. I think it's more likely we trade G than C. That being said, I think the team's success hinges on Girardi more than it does on Callahan... quite the conundrum.

Up until a few days ago, I was fairly certain that both would be resigned, that we'd be big time buyers at the deadline and try to make noise with the personnel we have on board. After these last few games... I'm not so certain. I thought DZ would have been traded for some offense. We got a stay at home defensive defender for him. Removes leverage from Girardi's camp. Had we gotten a similar player to Cally for DZ I would be saying the same thing about him. Even more telling is AV experimenting with Klein and Stralman moving up slots, with Girardi moving to the 3rd pairing.

The deadline is a little under 2 weeks away. Girardi's price will be a huge one to pay for whichever team trades for him. I'm more than expecting a big time offensive chip to be coming our way if we trade G. Not prospects, someone established. Stastny? Kessler? I could even see us trading Girardi to someone like the Kings for Mike Richards and something else. I would imagine Cally stays, Girardi goes.

Disagree big time.
We have only outside chance of getting lucky to go all the way.
We do have a lot.
If we can go a little backwards NOW to get ahead SOON, that is the ticket.

But those trades and moves MUST BE MADE NOW.

Not trying to be arrogant jerk here, saying it respectfully:
gotta yield to the logic of this situation, like it or not, or we will continue to make playoff appearances, but with early exits, and overall development will be slowed.

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