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01-30-2004, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Zednik
Pednault and his damn Right-Handed center :mad: Damnit Yvon, get a life. Since December 31st, Pednault writes 3 articles per week on a ****ing right-handed center.
If he could only let BG do his job in peace... I'm not worried, though, BG has a lot more character than some of the decision-makers before him, and I trust he will not fold to some dubious analyst's suggestions. Thank God - Houle isn't still here. If he were, I think Pednault would make him his :dazzle: !

What I don't understand is this: Pednault, some would have us believe, is a great hockey analyst. Mayhap. But why would a man of his wisdom even bother trying to influence BG's decision-making process? He should know BG for the type of GM he is. Then again, maybe he needs to write such foolishness in an attempt to perpetually satisfy his trade-hungry and streak-moody francophone following. Who knows?

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