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01-26-2014, 06:59 PM
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That must have been one of those late night "I need to do something" lineups. I usually come back and fix them with something more sensible. Although only losing 0-1 to the same team that has been crushing the Betamax means that's... not such a bad lineup?

Oh yeah. I somehow held onto 4th place. zomg sucked more than I did. Not really. I just had a headstart that was too big for my suckage to overcome. Also, since I am in fact in the ChL next season, leonard-stamper will finally lose his ChL suspension that he picked up way way back in season 5

How tired are your guys? I really tried to balance energy usage and competitiveness this season. It was a roaring success until that week from hell chewed everything up and spit it out. I need the CWC title to get things back on track.

My starters have 76-80 energy. I'm going to use the starters, but attempt to conserve a bit of energy in this next game vs the High Headerz since Blackkat is AWOL. Then go all out vs the RunnyOnion in the Finals.

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