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01-30-2004, 09:41 PM
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Langdon's a good player, and he has his role. He'll get some time somewhere along the line, even if it means he sits a game or three; you'll never hear a peep. Believe me, he'd like to be part of the action, but I think if we get Kilger working than he's more effective.

I don't consider either line 'the fourth'. They are both capable of shutting down opponents. We know how Kilger plays with Ward, and I'm sure that could be an incredible line for us.

By no means are we a sure bet to acquire a player, but I have the feeling. I don't like Dackell and Sundstrom on the same line in physical contests, one can't be there. Sundstrom is the better player, so Dackell sits like he did in 2001-02 postseason at some points. This leads me to believe BG is in the market for someone else, although a small someone else, even if it's a minor role it could have just as big an impact as some of our conference rivals going haywire and snapping up useless 'name' players.

If Kilger can't get things going, it's great to know we have Langdon who can step in on that unit. If both lines were rolling 14 and 12 minutes a night we'd be set. Of course there's always Benoit Gratton, too. He would look great alongside Begin come postseason.

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