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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
# of PPG seasons is actually 15-13 in favor of Sakic. Where are you getting your numbers?
I counted any year where they were close enough to a PpG that it didn't matter.

Wait, what? You were comparing raw stats until now, then you bring in the need for an era adjustment in favor of... Yzerman?
Not JUST era adjustment, respective roles for each while doing it as well.
And please tell me how 5 of 6 years in the DPE NHL compared to 4 of 5 years in Obstruction free/PP happy NHL should be taken at any where close to equal value?
Save the sarcasm, Joe has a huge advantage in both role with his team and scoring environment over Stevie to finish his career.

All that answered is who played longer, not who played at how high a level for longer.
Heh, you telling me you would take a 19-27 year old Sakic over an 18-27 year old Yzerman? You would honestly have to be on crack to say this.
Are you then telling me that from 28-34 that Sakic has an advantage great enough to overcome the advantage Yzerman has from those 19-27 year old seasons? I mean hey, I even agree that Sakic has an advantage over Stevie ages 28-34, but it's by no means an extensive one. Stevie wasn't exactly chopped liver through those years himself.
Because the 35 and up seasons are a wash if anything.

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