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01-27-2014, 08:53 AM
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Ankle support?

Hey guys,

I'm very new to ice-hockey (I only recently moved to Canada with my family from Australia) and I'm just getting into ice-skating and actually playing the game and i've got a few questions.

I've gone to the local rink a few times for a skate here and there, and although i can get around the ice (VERY slowly mind you) and I obviously need some lessons, I'm looking at purchasing my first set of skates soon. The few times I've skated I've just used the rink provided skates and everytime I have found that my ankles just ache like I've never felt before.

Is this normal? Is it because I'm simply using a new muscle (ankle area) and it's getting worked and this pain is normal for all new skaters and goes away over time? Could it be that the skates I was using just weren't good quality/a good fit? Or a combination of them both? I was wondering if there are ankle specific supports you can purchase and wear while learning to help ease the pain?

I can only manage 8-10 minutes on the ice at a VERY casual skate before I'm forced to take a rest due to the pain.

Also, I'm a 24 year old learning to ice-skate for the first time, has anyone on here also started at a late age? And if so, got any tips? How did you find it? Any ankle strengthening exercises you recommend? etc. etc.

Thanks guys!

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