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01-27-2014, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Grare View Post
I swear on my life I didn't... great minds think alike, we need a rebuild' actually, not even that.. we need a Re-Tool
Better Defense/ 2 snipers/ and team speed/
3 things this accomplishes, all while getting younger, PLUS if my calculations are correct, if done would be slightly under our current cap.

Kimmo can fetch a first... kubina got a 2nd and a 4th....
Hartnell plus a 2nd to a playoff team who needs physical play with a scoring touch would fetch a 1st
WPG Needs a center, they receive draft picks to help with their rebuild, and we've been linked to Buff for awhile now
Vinny a salary dump? He was the most sought after FA, unfortunately the Flyers are to slow to use him properly... your whole team can't be slow.
We arent getting Vanek? I'll take your word.. you seem to know the future perfectly, as if you predicted it yourself, just like the fact you "doubt" buff has the Flyers on HIS list
Money talks, playing with Giroux, I think he'd consider it and thrive in Philadelphia

Edit: These trades/fa pickups make the Flyers a very well rounded team that is young and can compete for the foreseeable future. (un-like now)
Still would have possibly Morin, Hagg, & Ghost developing properly for the future
& our core is still intact.
Obviously this is hypothetical (like everyones post in this thread) but I find it hard to argue the fact that this roster would be a cup contending team, and like I said, a little bit cheaper also... with the cap raise, anything is possible to make it even better.

Buff is overrated, and I do not want him on this team. He will cost too much and he does not have the speed and puck moving qualities in defenseman that we desperately need.

Vanek is almost certainly going to Minnesota if they offer a contract even close to the other teams. His family lives there and he likes it a lot. Of course I'm sure he would look at all options he probably won't choose Philly.

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