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01-27-2014, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Iron Duke View Post
I get that Colorado has talent up front to spare, but I have no idea why we would even consider handing them the one thing they are lacking on a platter. We make a trade with the Avs and our division rivals not only still have a stronger offense, but also a Norris-caliber defenseman to helm their D for the next ten years? No thanks. As bad as things look now with the way Chicago and St. Louis are constructed, we'd be virtually assured of being a non-playoff team for the next 5 years if we arm the Avs like that.
AT this point the team is a non playoff team, And will continue to be for a number of years if nothing is done. DO I like the idea of getting rid of Weber? No I do think that hes the one player that will bring the return to turn this team around. There is no coach in the league that could produce a playoff team with this roster. Any way you look at it is going to be a couple years minimum until the ship is turned around. We have just realized the bottom. The burning question is what path is taken to re-build. How quickly owenership wants to become competitive. AT the current pace the team will ek out a .500 season. And many suggest that only minor tweeking could put them back to last seed category and perhaps that's true. It will not however take the team to the next level and the same weakness will be there. Relying on goaltending and great blueline to scrape out those 2-1 wins.

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