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01-27-2014, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by DecadesofFutility View Post
Like I said at the time when the team struggled its not Lavi, its Holmgren.
Lavi was a scapegoat for Holmgren's failings as GM.
The defense is putrid and the offense often underacheives.
Every part of this team is overvalued and can be replaced, its a very average team.
The Flyers only hope is that Mason stones the opposition and they steal some wins.
I am not sure Chief can win consistantly with the players Holmgren has provided.
when was the last time the Flyers fired one of their own. I really dont think Holmgren will ever be fired. If they dont make the playoffs they will just blame it on bad luck, officiating or whatever lameass excuse they want to come up with.
This is a flawed and poorly constructed team. This team is trending in the wrong direction in just about every area. but I doubt our great and powerful owner and GM see that.

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