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01-27-2014, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Mio41 View Post
Smart and positional...he also played 19:01
well said.

he actually skates very well but is a very efficient player who doesnt run around alot and look clueless like del zotto did and moore does occasionally. he looks to me to be a guy who reads the game pretty well too.

just this one simple move does so much for our defense. eliminates a struggling player without a spot and adds a player who makes all 3 pairs better.

a few more things. hes a pretty decent scrapper too. he throws bombs and hits to hurt. he has knock out power in his hands. hes well respected around the league as a guy who knows how to throw em.

lastly, im curious to see how this move plays out visa vie dylan mcilrath.

kleiner is a rd and signed for 4 yrs. we have girardi and stralzie on the right side. if we let stralman walk-(i would move girardi), we probably resign girardi or visa versa. either way, we have room on the right side for a guy like mcilrath.

are we potentially looking at a top 7 next year of ??

staal stralman
mcd klein
moore mcilrath

that doesnt look bad really. good balance of offensive/defensive guys and blend of youth and vets.

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