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01-27-2014, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
The problem is, it's easier said that done.

We've been drafting for 15 years and we're yet to draft a homegrown player to come close to even 70 points (Leggy in 05/06 had 63, the only time a homegrown player even scored 60+).

I don't see us being able to pick 2 of them in the draft in the next 2 years - especially with picks in the 7-12 range where we're likely to finish out. Couple that with the requirement that they become 70-80 pt scorers while we still have a relatively cheap defense corps (i.e. Josi on his great contract, Jones on his ELC or cheap, Weber in his prime).

Unless Forsberg is the uber prospect we all hope he is - the odds of an 80point player drafted by the Preds before, say, 2018, are slim and none.

What we need to do is go out and buy a scorer. Yes, if we have to pay stupid prices for them in July, than that's what we need to do. Else we're going to have the same scrappy but mediocre team for the next half decade.

But I don't have much confidence in that. We rarely spend money, and when we do, the players we sign don't score anyway.
Again, those players just don't hit the market. Marleau and Thornton were UFA's to be and are already off the market. Just like Perry and Getzlaf last year. Vanek and Moulson MAY hit the market this summer, but Vanek is basically already being pencilled into Minnesota's lineup, which will leave Moulson on the top of everyone's list, and when Nashville is one of 10 teams to offer the same contract, they lose on a lack of fringe benefits.

If the team wants to add a scorer, it's going to have to be through trade. Not a Mike Fisher type trade, but look at various moves of young high end players in recent years: bobby ryan, david perron, jeff carter, mike richards, tyler seguin...all the way back to phil kessel(the only of these deals that Poile was confirmed to have made a serious attempt at).

These players become available, but you have to be willing to pay the price, even if it's more than just draft picks.

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