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Originally Posted by Rockomax View Post
This is a kind of reply to buddahsmoka1 , but I adress it to everyone...If you're gonna keep Kovalev and Koivu separated, as much as I like latendresse, I'd rather have Higgins on the second line. Although the two of them can score (well Higgins is on a cold streak, but will come back stronger), Higgins is a lot faster and I think he could create more scoring chances on that line than Latendresse. So I would just switch them (Higgins to the 2nd line and Latendresse on the third), so that Higgins can regain his scoring touch while in the mean time, Latendresse could still have some quality ice time...

This is how I would do it as well... nothing drastic but could really help waking up Higgins without hurting the 1st line too much.


My reasoning:

Samsonov: I don't get why people want to take him off this line already. Do fans have that bad a memory? Samsonov literally sucked all season long and he's finally starting to play well with Bonk & Johnson and people want to put him elsewhere. Come on! Leave him where it's working. And for God's sake, above all, don't put him back on a line with Kovalev!

Kovalev-Koivu: Another memory lapse I guess, but this one is more understandable because it dates from last year. They were a duo for a good chunk of season when both were in the line-up. It wasn't effective because the opponent could put all their defensive missions against 1 line. The team started doing better when they were split up. I'm sure Carbonneau remembers because he was there. And it worked. Habs don't have enough secondary offense to stack these guys on 1 line. They get PP time together and that's fine.

Latendresse: He played well with Koivu & Ryder and is not really finding the same game with Kovalev & Pleks. Koivu & Ryder need a guy that can dig the puck out of the corners and win 1-on-1 battles (what Higgins used to do well and another reason why I don't think Samsonov is the answer for the 1st line) and Lats can bring this.

Higgins-Pleks-Kovalev: Pleks & Kovalev have been turning it up lately. Playing with confident players may just be what the doctor ordered for Higgins.

Ryder: I know some of you don't like him, but he doesn't belong on a 4th line. He's been terrible lately (and so has Koivu & Higgins) but we still need his sniping. He was doing fine with Koivu & Lats earlier and hopefully he can rekindle that going forward. In no way is Perezhogin a potential replacement for Ryder. I cannot understand how someone that's hard on Ryder because of his production cannot be even more disappointed in Perezhogin - at least Ryder is creating things at times and getting chances out there; Perezhogin has been invisible for a long time now.

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