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01-27-2014, 05:07 PM
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So, since this popped up again, I thought an update might be reasonable. We basically run one simple offensive breakout scheme now and 1-2 "set plays" off of face-offs if you want to call it that.

First, understand that we have a wide range of talent on the team. So, right now we have a sniper, a passer, and a crasher on each line for the most part. When we break out, the headman drives in from the outside, the second man trails him, and the third guy crashes the opposite side of the net. This helps us all understand where our roles and positioning should be each time. We don't have to read the play, or organically understand where each guy is going to creatively go. We know. 1-2-3. It might not sound like much, but we have started turning over backdoor goals, drop passes, and a lot more cleanup goals.

On offensive faceoffs, if our best shooter is on the board side, we pull him to the centers draw side right on top of the circle and if we win the draw, he immediately cracks one on net. The inside winger crashes right away and we look for that quick hit goal.

On the defensive side, we try and draw back, hold the puck for a count, and then send a hard around to the empty side and have our winger/off side dman look for the quick breakout without the traffic.

So, not a lot of fancy stuff there, but just good basic patterns and plays that help our bunch of misfits understand where to be, and where to expect others to be.

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