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Originally Posted by McDugan View Post
To play real-life pond hockey
Easily accomplished if you live within driving distance of a rural area, and I mean a real pond or even a lake.... I grew up playing shinny outdoors on a schoolyard rink in a city, free, natural ice, boards. After school and all day Saturdays/Sundays from December-March. Only taking a break when playing league games indoors wherever from Tyke to Junior.... We also had a hobby farm in southwestern Ontario with a real pond that froze from December through March. About 2 acres in size, perfect but for the bullrushes, Muskrat & Duck crap that littered the surface. Good shoveling, no worries. We found about a dozen pairs of the old Cheese Cutter skate blades from the late 19th century in the rafters of the old barn, the type you clamp to the bottom of your boots or even shoes. Took all the rust off with steel brushes, applied plenty of 3 in 1 Oil, sharpened them on an old whet stone. Fashioned up sticks from oak tree branches, planed & carved them to work as hockey sticks of the type they'd have used in about the 1880's. Was tricky getting the clamp on skates just right, and you'd blow right out of them in if you attempted any short radius turns at any decent speed. Far different stride required, longer, bent forward a lot farther than today if trying to gain speed, straight lanes and wide arc turns. Sticks pretty much what you'd expect. Good luck trying to raise the puck. More a whack or semi wrist shot, you sort of pushed the puck as opposed to shooting it. Carefully or your shot would be wild, way off target.

Had ourselves a grand time.

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