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01-30-2004, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by USC Trojans
Funny how you Flames fans weren't so tough the past seven years.

I don't mind a good rivalry and a little bit of trash talk once in a while but there are a few Flame posters (actually 3 by my count) here that seem to have some undying hatred towards the Oilers that everything associated to them are bad. I don't really get you guys.

You say Dvorak give us a reason why...otherwise troll somewhere else.
Get real....RIGHT NOW. Are you saying that Oilers fans didn't do a lot of gloating over the past 7 years. Where have you been ??

And you turn me saying Dvorak is not that good into saying he sucks. Is the Oilers mod going to go and edit my post now to make it say he sucks. Come on. This is unreal how you can just twist my words without hesitation.

Dvorak is a streaky player with speed, never said he sucks, but he isn't all that great at all. You guys tend to overrate your players quite a bit. Like the guy that said Chimera was better than Conroy.

And the Oilers D is as good as the Flames. That is just too funny.

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