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01-27-2014, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
Sounds about right. Kinda funny that he has five 100-point seasons outside of his peak and only one inside of it, but that's definitely when the perception of him was the highest.

But really, the guy was something special from start-to-finish. Whatever ground people make up on him in their best three or four seasons, Sakic gains back on his fifth-nineteenth best seasons. His career composition reminds me of a Nicklas Lidstrom or a Martin Brodeur.

But the funny thing is, he's also got some all-time great regular season (2001) and playoffs (1996) in addition to that longevity as a top-ten player. A player that will only look better as the years pass. I still think he falls a little short of Esposito, but when we were looking at every statistical measure starting from Round 2, his name kept popping up in unexpected places.
Except I'm not comparing him to just another average superstar, it's Steve freakin Yzerman, who matches him season for season and a little bit more.

If there's one thing I have noticed is that this the only place where Sakic is ranked ahead of Yzerman.
All other lists and publications have Stevie ahead of Sakic, never by much mind you but ahead none the less.

Usually when comparing the rankings here with outside sources and publications there's the usual variance where players will move around a bit between lists with some more in line with the HF rankings and some a little different. Except with Yzerman and Sakic, where only here is Sakic ahead.

I always have a ton of respect for the Rankings around here but this is one case where I have to disagree and say it's wrong.
Quite simply, Yzerman blows Sakic out of the water when comparing their first 6-7 seasons and then there's not much to choose between them for the rest but it's certainly not enough to make up for the first 6-7 year gap.

Like I asked earlier, if you had a choice between Yzerman or Sakic from ages 18-27, the answer is clearly Yzerman without debate, without hesitation.
Ask then who you would rather have between ages 28-41 and the answer is prolly Sakic...maybe. Point being is that that choice is going to carry a debate and there is going to be hesitation.

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