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01-27-2014, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Uh...what? They didn't even know the Pronger contract was 35+ until after they signed it. They also have more money committed to the D then pretty much the entire league (probably actually the entire league) despite D being the weakest part of the team by far. You can't say something as crazy as that and not provide examples. What has Homer done under his tenure that makes him look savvy and cutting edge with respect to finding loopholes that also overcomes those things I've mentioned?

The max a free agent (like Lecavalier or Streit) can be signed to now is 7 was signed four 4 and the other 5 so they are most definitely long-term deals by the new CBA standard. The only way to go higher then that is offer a 6 or 7 year deal. This is in a league where things change greatly year-to-year and two players in their early to mid thirties so by those two facts and the new length of deals those are definitely long-term to some degree.

It also doesn't matter if he can get out of those contracts down the line or not. Fixing a mistake still means you made the mistake and had to live with it for a while. If he trades Lecavalier two years down the line he still made a mistake, we still have to end up dealing with Lecavalier for what would be two or three years in that scenario, and he might have to take on a bad contract to deal one. Assuming he can or does deal the contract down the line anyhow.

I can throw around potential fixes that he could make down the line, but that doesn't make it better or change anything. Even when he used a compliance buyout on Bryzgalov it was still a disaster.
It actually is the entire league. Last I checked, even without Mez on the roster it would still be the most expensive D in the league.

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