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01-27-2014, 11:23 PM
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1. Wow ... a somewhat un-negative article by Dirk Hoag? Surprising ...

2. Normally Predators' attendance post Jan. 1 is better than pre-New Year's Day ... this year could be an anomaly however as the schedule has been compressed for the Olympic break and we will only have 2 home games in February. Combine this with the team's poor performance, and there may not be the bump normally seen in the New Year.

3. I would think the Predators benefited pre-January 1 this season because of the level of suck in which the Tennessee Titans are currently mired. Usually attendance increases after football season ends ... and for all intents and purposes, Nashville's NFL squad's season was done pretty early this year.

4. Fans like I (full STH since day one), while quite agitated by the state of things Predator currently, will keep coming. I love the sport and even though I am probably unhealthily too personally affected by the results/play, I will keep going to the games. However, Nashville is notoriously a front runner town (see the empty but sold seats at LP Field and the sudden throng of Vanderbilt fans when winning) ... if performances like the Edmonton game continue, the casual, new fans will stop coming ...

Until the next winning streak.

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