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01-28-2014, 01:05 AM
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Originally Posted by PS12 View Post
Just picked up an ek15. Im in love. My shot comes off so much faster. Got a p88. Concerned about durability since i use jr sticks but omg its so light.

Ive been using a pm9 bauer x4.0 and x3.0. Sticks are heavy compared to what i used to use which was a jr mission team comp with a jofa blade. Lol. Mid curve 5 degree loft. P88 seemed close to it but i thought i wanted it to be a bit deeper.

Its a 45 flex and my shot just rips right off the blade. My goalie wasnt used to me shooting that fast. I rang one off his helmet on my first shot. It really is easy to load up. I might try an intermediate just to see how that compares

It really feels like a great deal. This is the most expensive stick i ever bought. The old missions were almost as expensive. Went through 4 sticks in 4 games but i scored a lot.

That was also 10 years ago too heh.
I got the PP26 curve...looooveeeee it. I was worried about the durability too but I play in a super competitive league with stick on stick all day and nothing so far, haven't held back at all too.

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