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01-28-2014, 08:48 AM
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This is the kind of Zuke those of us who watched him in SEL knew had a chance to blossom in the NHL. No one doubted his talent and vision once they watched him play I guess. It became apparent very quickly, that he could make plays happen on a more regular basis than perhaps anyone else. He's so good at predicting where the puck will end up, not where it's right now. That's what small players need to succeed, something unique and Zuke has it. Hockeysmarts.

He has made himself a real solid hockey player by working really hard on improving his weaknesses. Like you pointed out, he has become better at using his low point of gravity to more of an advantage and has been very solid in a role of commitment, as well as a skill player. When he has confidence in his game, he's a line carrier and that's pretty damn good by any NHL standard. At least when he plays under a puck carrying strategy such as AV, which is much more a game to his strengths. I'm still very impressed he produced @ a 0.5 PPG under the circumstances he played for Torts.

The now working NYR PP has alot to thank Zuke for that I believe. If he becomes a mix between St. Louis and Fleury, he would instantly become my favourite player. Considering how high his hockey IQ is, who knows how good he can become? I can only agree Zuke should now focus on improving his shot and use it more, then he would be very difficult to contain.

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