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Originally Posted by cska78 View Post
do you live on North America? if yes, don't compare please as European and Russian attendance culture is very different.
No, I live in Europe. And it's the same for most cities of such size in Europe: Malmo (13-15k arena), Tallinn (7-10k arena), Zurich (11-13k arena), Geneva is a smaller city and their arena is 100 years old - still has a seating capacity of 7,3k, same with Basel, Bern is a small town by comparison and they still have arena with 17k capacity, Sweden is full of tiny towns with 6k arenas.. I do understand these are "bigger profile" cities compared to Saransk but considering its population it wouldn't make sense to build a smaller than 7-8k arena in this day and age.

Originally Posted by mitch mdv zg View Post
Exactly, arenas in Europe (beside ones in Germany) are not profitable.
Not sure at all if that's true. In Croatia - maybe.

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