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01-28-2014, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
They both played a style that would take a physical toll on their body, yes. Drury led his team in forward blocked shots basically every year they were tracked. He wouldn't shy away from throwing his body around, either. Mark Parrish lived in front of the opposing goalie. He took a beating.
Really?--didn't bother to look up Parrish. I didn't care that much. But your comment about Drury throwing his body around is laughable.

So statistically--the NHL didn't track hits until after the lockout season. These are Drury's numbers.

Buffalo 05-06 81 games played 31 hits--14th best on his team.
Buffalo 06-07 77 games played 28 hits--20th best on his team.
Rangers 07-08 82 games played 46 hits--18th best on his team.
Rangers 08-09 81 games played 42 hits--20th best on his team.
Rangers 09-10 77 games played 67 hits--13th best on his team.
Rangers 10-11 24 games played 19 hits--25th best on his team.

Funny his hits take a spike upwards in 09-10 in the last full season of his career when he's all beaten up. This was hardly a guy throwing his body around with abandon. He didn't fight--neither did Parrish. Your other examples of Peca and Tucker were both agitators and they really did take a pounding. Both of them had a lot in common with Matt Cooke. They were just better players than Cooke but more or less the same mentality--dirty players who hurt a lot of other players with knee on knee and high hits and other teams eventually got their pound of flesh back.

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