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01-28-2014, 02:22 PM
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"Where is the money coming from to upgrade the roster?

That's with Miller and Fast making the team, only (2) reserve players and Brassard taking less than his QO of 3.7 million."

In regards to an impact player, maybe next year the rangers don't bring in an impact player. If you are able to resign Girardi and Stralman, well then your D is set for years. We are set there.

I'd like to have Boyle back. But Im thinking closing to 2mil a year. maybe 4-5 years.

Id have to say eventually, unless he blossoms and becomes consistent, Brassard is the odd man out and maybe its not next year. Maybe its the 2015 offseason, and then the Rangers have to either somehow try to get a 1center or keep stepan at 1c and find a 2nd line center with that.

additionally once your getting close to the 2015 offseason, then the question comes up about staal. IF stall stays then someone becomes expendable. Whether that be any of the 6 the rangers have now, or lets say Allen, MCI, or SKeji. IF staal leaves, you have his money to bring in players.

Also the cap will supposedly go up again next summer right.

So again I say, Im not gonna try to give a stanley cup roster for next year. Bc Im not gonna deal in absolutes and extremes, thats not realistic. But to say that adding a couple pieces here or there and upgrading here and there won't add up to a team that can win a cup within the next 3-4 years, isn't true either.

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